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 JAVA: An Eventful Approach

This page contains links to sample chapters from our text. These chapters may not be copied without permission of the publisher, Prentice Hall (part of Pearson Education, Inc.). A brief description of each chapter included is given below.

Chapters 1 and 2 introduce the graphics primitives, event-driven programming, and the notion of naming. As part of this, students learn the structure of classes and methods, the use of constructors to create objects, and the use of parameters in event-handling methods. Note that in Chapter 2, we explain variables and assignments differently from most authors. The objectdraw library simplifies the use of graphics and event-driven programming at this stage.

Chapter 6 explains how to define new classes from scratch. Students have been using graphics classes and writing applet-style classes from day 1, but now learn more general concepts.

Chapter 9 introduces concurrent programming by writing classes that exend ActiveObject, a simple extension of Thread. Concurrency is used to program simple animations using the graphics primitive in the objectdraw library.

Chapter 14 introduces one-dimensional arrays, illustrating how we cover more traditional topics.

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