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Williams College Computer Science Department Discussion Area
Expand/Collapse TopicTeaching CS 1 with Events and Objects First
Discussions associated with lecture topics
Introduction to Graphics and Mouse Events
A more specific lab for notphotoshop
Has anyone tried using JBuilder with the a:drive?
Using NotPhotoShop
No Clicking
Numbers and Conditionals
Mary's laundry lab
The second laundry lab
A great chapter
GopherSmash - Not working
Another lab for classes
JAR files, demos, objectdraw, and starter files
"Eyes on it" lab
Interfaces and Inheritance
Active Objects and While Loops
Graphical User Interface
Problem adding swing components to Boxball
Missing(?) lecture notes
1D Arrays and For Loops
2D Arrays
String, Streams, and Chars
Searching and Sorting
Concurrency and Synchronization
Comments, Correction, etc. on Draft Chapters
General Comments and Announcements
Text Source Code
Objects-first debate
Objectdraw book publication
Comments on Chapter 1: Introduction
Comments on Chapter 2: Working with Numbers
Comments on Chapter 3: Conditionals
Comments on Chapter 4: Primitive Types, Operators, and St...
Comments on Chapter 5: Classes
Comments on Chapter 6: Control Structures
Comments on Chapter 7: Declarations and Scope
Comments on Chapter 8: Active Objects
Comments on Chapter 9: Interfaces
Comments on Chapter 10: Graphical User Interfaces
Comments on Chapter 11: Recursion
AngLine missing from objectdraw
Comments on Chapter 12: General Loops in Java
Comments on Chapter 13: Arrays
First draft of chapter on arrays
Comments on Chapter 16: Inheritance
The objectdraw Library: Suggestions, Questions and Bug re...
Frame support
Text position bug
FrameWindowController frames
FrameWindowController and TextField don't mix
Frame resizing
Key listening with FrameWindowController
Objectdraw Update
RandomIntGenerator bug
.jar versus .class files
Decimal Places
Using objectdraw with BlueJ
Public canvas for interactive use
Objectdraw.jar size
Objectdraw.jar location
NotPhotoShop suggestion
New version of text available
Using ObjectDraw with JJ with TouchyWindow
Using ObjectDraw with JJ with TouchyWindow
New materials available on the website
New version of text available
Objectdraw.jar updated
Bug in objectdrawV1.1.jar with Linux PowerPC JDK 1.3.1
Objectdraw and Windows XP and the command line
ActiveObject and FrameWindowController interaction
Running objectdraw programs as applications
How do I create a stand alone jar with objectdraw?
Conflicts with CS AP MBS jar file
Issues Related to the EOF web site
Incorrect Password Warning
CrossHairs program
Zip file please
Test programs
Web server instability
Web site update
Updates and additions to the website for Java: An Eventfu...
Spam-like "Authentication Error" messages
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